Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Good Idea

Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Great idea

This post has to do with blogging and why you need to never blog on a totally free host like or I am writing this to inform individuals out there who are developing blog sites on totally free blog site hosts like and

Installing wordpress is complimentary and gives you complete control over your blog. There are other platforms like moveable type to select from too. Take an appearance around and discover the platform you like or that best fits your blogging style. I have actually found out an expensive lesson and now will just construct blog sites on my own domain names.

The factor?

Lets start with

They have a new out of control spam bot. Browse the blogger aid forums and you will find the scary stories. Legitimate blogs are being deleted, individuals are getting locked out of their blog until reviewed, and presumed to be a spammer because either the bot flagged the blog site or someone clicked the little flag button at the top of all blogger blog sites.

That and that they have constant problems with the publishing getting stuck at 0 %, sluggish load times, etc. it makes blogging through a buggy experience at best and your content or reason for blogging is up to someone else’s interpretation of what is or is not legitimate.

I comprehend doing away with splogs and spammers, however in’s case the remedy is even worse than the disease. They were not always that way. I’ve been on blog writer a very long time and the service utilized to be good.

As far as, they are just as bad. If the blog site links to a site and looks as if it might be promoting people to go to that site they will suspend your account without caution and lock you out of all the content.

I’m unsure what they think blogs are for, but they appear to think they have a noble purpose in life and that they alone choose what is a “authentic blog” or not.

A “genuine blog” is one that is managed by the person who composes to it, not one that must abide by someone else’s idea of exactly what their blog site ought to appear like and what it must state.

If you blog on freehosts simply know your material and your blog is in the hands of others who will decide for the world whether or not your blog must be seen by others.

I suggest all bloggers get their own domain and install their own blog sites. You probably have found out that utilizing a freehost for your business’s website is bad for business so why put your business’s blog on a freehost?

The very same goes for people. Blogs enable you to express yourself the method you wish to express yourself. That is the appeal of blogging. Are you ready to compromise your individuality to adapt to what or thinks is a “authentic” way to express yourself?

Often times the individual choosing your fate is someone who has never had any authority over other individuals and who believe that now they have Godlike powers to decide the fate of content written by others. These are individuals who likely produce no content of value themselves and think they understand what is finest for the rest of the world.

Get your very own domain and install a blogging platform that fits your requirements. It’s the finest advice you will ever get about blogging. You only own the blog site if it is on your very own domain name. Everything else is just providing content for another person.

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