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Branding can give your organization an image to live up to and therefore help your employees perform better than with a bland identity. This worked so well for Domino’s Pizza when their identity rested on delivery within 30 minutes that they had to pull back on this promise after a jury held the company responsible for an accident caused by a driver rushing to deliver within the promised time. To avoid that pitfall, run your new proposed branding past a lawyer trained to think in terms of worst case scenarios.

Keep tabs on how well your employees are living up to a customer service promise by engaging a “mystery shopper” or “mystery patient” (for hospitals), who interacts with the company incognito and then files a report on their experience. Many of the faults that turn up in such reports can be easily corrected once identified, leading to an improved image.

You can also directly solicit feedback from clients through a survey form. Sometimes the very act of asking for feedback improves your firm’s image, since it shows you care about customers’ experiences.

When implemented intelligently and visibly, branding sets you apart from competitors, helps free you of price shoppers and gives customers an experience that brings them back to you again and again.