Consistent Branding Part Of Internet Marketing

Consistent Branding Part Of Web marketing

dWhen people visit your web site, they must understand exactly what site they are on despite the page they go to. There must be a constant look and feel to every page, and most sites follow this tenet, however often times forget about the little details that sit idly on your pages.

Icons for going back to a previous page, for printing the page and even the icons that line your menu needs to all follow the same theme as your website as part of your web marketing effort. Every element of your website must be about your brand name. Whether it stands apart from the rest is not almost as vital as standing with the rest of your site. If a visitor takes a trip to another of your pages, which looks different, they might think they accidentally left your site then leave it all together.

An easy idea for web marketing branding is your logo design as an icon that can be utilized as an icon for everything on your website. It can sit as a static logo design beside a text link or the icon that is clicked when a person wishes to refer a good friend to your site. Undoubtedly it will have to be much smaller sized than the primary logo on your page or other areas to be used as a menu icon, perhaps as small as 16 x 16 pixels, however the lowered image will continue your branding throughout the page and provide an advantage to your web marketing effort.

Additionally, with this level of branding throughout your site there will be no doubt of which website your visitor is on and if you utilize a smaller variation of your logo design as the icon to bookmark your page, it will assist scorch your name into their memory. Remember, returning visitors often buy more than very first time visitors and keeping your image in their minds will assist your internet marketing efforts.

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