New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful place where many tourists travel on a regular basis. Should you go there and decide you never want to leave, there are many great jobs to be found. They are in the tourism industry, business, and even many aspects of agriculture. There are many places to enjoy hiking and hanging out around New Zealand. There are also plenty of blue mountains that look exceptional with white snow on them.

The economy in New Zealand is thriving due to the amount of tourism that they get annually. People love to see the historical sites in this part of the world. They also come to see the many plants and animals. They also are able to export a very large percentage of the agricultural goods that they produce.

Some of the most amazing examples of flora and fauna have been found throughout areas of New Zealand. This is believed to be the result of preservation and the fact that many areas haven’t been destroyed in order for development for people to take place in them. More that ¾ of the flora you will see in New Zealand can only be found there. Unless you are content seeing pictures of it you should travel to this part of the world to explore it personally.

You will also find some very rare wildlife in parts of New Zealand to observe. Many researchers spend months and even years in this are trying to study the various types of wildlife that are found only here. Even with protective measures in place though, there are several animals found in New Zealand that are endangered. Many have already become extinct.

Queen Elizabeth II is the leader of New Zealand and Helen Clark is the Prime Minister. While they are a monarchy, there is plenty of democracy to be found in the leadership of this country. There is a great deal of effort in place to ensure a good quality of life for the people of New Zealand. Some of the elements that the government has in place to ensure this include free trade, protecting the environment, education, human rights, and developing industry as well as agriculture.